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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Raster vs. Vector Artwork

raster vs vector art example
Raster vs Vector Example

If you have ever tried to get anything custom printed I'm sure you have head the term print ready artwork.  It can seem like a foreign language to some but here is a quick break down on raster vs vector artwork.

Instead of giving a technical term for vector artwork that no one cares about vector artwork basically is a graphic (artwork) that can be scaled to any size with out losing any quality.  The image can be printed at two inches all the wall to 200 inches and have crisp lines and clarity.

Raster artwork is good for print IF you created your artwork at the desired print size.  An example would be creating artwork that is 10 inches by 10 inches ( at 300 dpi) and having it printed on a t-shirt.  If you were to take same 10x10 inch graphic and print it on a banner your results would be less than pleasing, if visible at all.  

A few tips for setting up your artwork for print with Envy My Tee.

1.  Create a transparent background.  

A .png file will have a transparent background around your artwork. If you place your artwork in our online designer and you see a white background (or any other color that you don't want) then it is not a .png file and will either be printed as is, or an email will be sent out to correct.  Save your images as .png and not jpeg. In Photoshop or Corel you will have the option when setting up your artwork to make the background transparent. (If you would like a colored background around your artwork then saving it as a jpg is fine. 

2. Selecting a high resolution for print.  

When creating your own artwork in Photoshop or Corel Draw there is a box that will say "resolution'.  Input the number "300".  All of our artwork on our website is set to 300 dpi as well as vector if you do not have your own graphics software.  A lot of Google images as well as web images have a resolution of 72 and are usually not more than a few inches wide/tall.  Searching for large non copyrighted images can be done by the image below (disclaimer- this is just an example as these are copyrighted images)

***Remember great quality artwork comes in, great prints come out.  Poor artwork in average prints come out!

3. Understanding our max print image size. 

 The online designer tool  is just a mock up for arranging artwork on our t-shirts and other select goods.  We highly encourage you to watch our short "How To Videos" to get familiar.  Our max print size for Direct to Garment is 12x17.  That means that the larger the size shirt the smaller the graphic will appear  horizontally in some cases.  ( A 3x shirt will not have arm to arm artwork printed on it as the online designer will show)   Please be mindful of this as we have it stated in our videos, on the blank products page, as well as in the online designer in the lower right hand side.

As always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us via email or phone.  We will be happy to assist you in creating your perfect custom printed items!  We want to become your premier custom printer in Columbus Ohio and beyond!

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