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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How To Make A Custom T-shirt At Home

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Starting your own custom print shop does not have to involve you buying a big fancy building to start.  In most cases you can make your own custom printed t-shirts at home.  If you have a spare room or garage in your home, you have space to start making money.

Welcome to the world of digital printing! With the advancement in technology all around us, why haven't people talked about the advancements in printing t-shirts?  There are so many great ways to make a t-shirt and we are going to share a couple options.

First we will start with our favorite process...Direct To Garment!  When we started we knew we wanted to serve the market of those that wanted to make one custom tee, to the ones that wanted hundreds.  Direct to garment was the answer to our business.  As you have seen in some of our social media videos ( Facebook  Instagram ) our DTG machine makes printing a breeze.

Sublimation- Another digital printing process that is used as it takes your image from your computer and prints it on a 'transfer paper".  With high quality artwork the results are amazing and the possibility of printing on garments and hard substrates is endless.

Like we stated earlier there are so many ways to make a t-shirt and start making money.  We love our model of "custom t shirt with no minimums" as we open ourselves up to new markets that lead to bigger jobs!

At Envy My Tee Custom T-shirts and Apparel our motto is to upgrade the way you buy custom t-shirts.  We have our design lab with 1000's of fonts and clip art images to help your create your perfect t-shirt.   We are all about connivence.  Today's customers want to know what they are buying, what prices they are paying, and be involved in the creative process!  We allow all that and more.  We strive to become Columbus Ohio's premier custom t-shirt shop and with your continued support we can make that happen.  Although we are located in Central Ohio we ship nationwide!

As always you are highly encouraged to follow our social networks!  We love offering great tips, new products and samples for your viewing pleasure.

+Jessica Davenport

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