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Monday, August 31, 2015

Custom Aluminum Photo Panels

custom metal photo panels
Custom Metal Photo Panels

Hey Guys,
An addition to our custom photo prints is our metal (aluminum) photo panels.  If you have read our previous post on our custom wood photo panels ( Click Here ) you can see we offer a variety of sizes in those prints as well.  Custom metal prints give a new dimension to your artwork.  In many cases most hung artwork is on canvas or our very popular wood frames.

Here are a few details about our custom frames:

ChromaLuxe metal prints are now the perfect size for your cell phone and Instagram pics! Available in four finishes and two sizes. Pair the metal print with a mini easel or attach a magnet and bring let your customers take their images off their phones and into their decor!


ChromaLuxe aluminum photo panels are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes in order to provide you with the best options available for any project. Whether you're creating a single panel or creating a wall-sized mural, these high definition photo panels will bring your images to life. 

4x4- $10
4x6- $20
5x7- $30
8x10- $50
12x18- $90

Please contact us for sizes and quantities.  If you need any help with artwork creation or submitting images, please contact us thru email ( or phone 614-352-6821.

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Custom Novelty License Plates

Custom License Plate
Custom License Plates

Hey Guys,

Back at it again with our short, but informative blog posts!  Today we are announcing our custom license plates.  These don't have to only be used on your car!  Creating custom license plates are a great way to show support for:

  • Sports Teams
  • Military
  • Special Causes
  • Photos....
Some other names for our custom license plates are:

  • Custom Novelty Plates
  • Custom Front License Plates
  • State Novelty License Plates....

 As you can see there are many names but one things remains the same, if you can think it up we can print it up!  Here is some additional information on our custom license plates!

"Our license plates offer a slightly thinner aluminum with a bright white Dynasub surface to imprint vivid images! License plates are the perfect complement to cars, trucks and motorcycles. These sublimation products are highly durable, have a glossy, durable coating and are available in a variety of sizes and materials. 

Not only can you easily attach and remove the plates to correspond with changing seasons or events, but they also make great gifts to showcase your college allegiance, favorite athletic team or family photos. Each piece comes with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting. Whether it's patriotic, athletic, religious, or personal - our license plates are a creative way to personalize your ride!"

$20 each
*Bulk Pricing Available


If you need help creating your own personalized license plate or already have an idea in mind, please send us a message.  You can email us ( or call us 614- 352-6821.  We wold love to hear from you!

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Custom Can Kozies

Custom Can Koozies
Custom Can Koozies

Keeping your drink cool while on the road can be hard if you don't have a can kozie.  Can kozies come in many different styles, but not all are customizable just for you and your event.  Can koozies are great for:

  • Parties
  • Weddings
  • Camping
  • Road Trips....
At Envy My Tee we are known for our custom printed t-shirts, but we also offer a variety of other printable goods that are great accessories for the t-shirts needed for events.  

Here are a few features of our can coolies-

"This collapsible beverage insulator is perfect for picnics and camping trips to keep your cans cold. The fun foldable coolie can be heat transferred or sublimated and features a white polyester coating on the outside with a black foam lining inbetween for superior insulation. Great for family reunions, sports games and much more! Sized to fit a 12 oz. can, 1/8 thick material, 4" x 7.5" image area."

Size: 4" x 7.5" 
White polyester fabric top, rubber insulation 
Product comes preassembled and pre-sewn

$40 (min. 10)

If you need help with a design or already have a design in mind please don't hesitate to contact us and let us get started!  Shoot us an email at, call us at 614-352-6821 or visit the contact us page and send us a message.

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Custom Mini Basketball Goal

custom mini basketball hoop
Custom Mini Basketball Hoop

Who does't like to take shots at mini basketball hoops and act as though they are Kobe and MJ?  We all do it!  Custom Mini Basketball hoops are great for a number of occasions:

  • Team Support
  • Office Games
  • Kids Rooms....
The list can go on.  Whatever the occasion mini basketball hoops are great gifts and creating them is even easier!  Add your team mascot, or your favorite saying.  Whatever the case if you can think it we can print it.

Here are a few details on mini door basketball goals:

"Swoosh! Our mini-basketball goals are great items to personalize for any basketball fan! Use names or favorite photos to make these items into memorable keepsakes or wonderful decoration pieces. They can be used as awards for youth teams, gifts for sports fans, or even as stress relievers for the office."

Self-adhesive plastic rim
Velcro attachments for hanging 
Hardboard backboard  

Size- 7.5x 9 inches

  We prove everything you need (except the ball) to get started.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and we will be happy to answer.  Need design help?  No problem?  We can design your custom mini basketball goal to your specifications.

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Custom Puzzles

custom puzzles
Custom Puzzles

Do you like to do puzzles?  Are you looking for a new piece of custom art to put on the walls or table?  Are you looking for a great personalized gift?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, custom puzzles are for you!

At Envy My Tee we are adding on to our printing options by adding more customizable items. Custom jigsaw puzzles are great for adding photo of loved ones (pets included).  Our puzzles can be framed and hung as art, or can be taken apart for a night of fun with the family.  No matter the reason, creating and receiving custom photos can be fun!

A few ideas for custom photos are:
  • Word Puzzles
  • Map Puzzles
  • Photo Puzzles...
The possibilities are endless.  The only thing you need is your imagination.

Here are a few details about a custom puzzles:

"Imprintable puzzles give you the freedom to create durable and mountable wall art out of your favorite photos and images. Not only can they be set with glue, framed and hung, but they can also be utilized for fun and personalized games! Another creative option is to attach magnets to the back and display proudly on your refrigerator or even create interactive learning puzzles for your children to enjoy! Great for personalized gifts or just for crafty fun!"

Our puzzles come in three sizes:

7.5" x 9.5" - 30 pieces
8" x 10" - 50 pieces
10.1" x 13.5" - 252 pieces

Have questions on how to get started?  Don't hesitate to contact us!

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Custom Arm Sleeves

custom arm sleeve
Custom Arm Sleeve

We are back at it with our newest product, custom arm sleeves! There are many uses that custom arm sleeves can have.

  • Custom arm sleeves for basketball
  • Custom arm sleeves for baseball
  • Custom arm sleeves for football
  • Custom arm sleeves for fashion
You get the point!  No matter the occasion creating your own arm sleeve can be a great fashion statement.  You see all the time the biggest athletes have on arm sleeves and so can you!  With the need to express ones individuality custom made goods are the way to go.  
Parents!  You are not exempt from this either.  Show your support and school pride with our custom made arm sleeves!  Add your kids name and number, along with the the school colors and mascots.

A few details on our arm sleeves:

Arm sleeves have quickly become a staple in trendy sports and team fashion, and customizable quality arm sleeves are in high demand. The Vapor Apparel arm sleeves are made of 100% polyester and combined with lycra to offer incredible stretch and vivid color. These arm sleeves are perfect for customization!

*Bulk Pricing Available.

Small (13x4.5)
Large (16.4.5)

Need help designing your custom arm sleeves?  No problem!  We would love to help.  Simply shoot us an email and we can get the work done for you.

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Custom Wood Prints

Custom Photo Wood Panels
Custom Photo Wood Panels

Hey Guys,
We want to introduce you to our newest product offering.  Our Natural Custom Wood Prints!  I'm sure you have lots of photos stored up on that cell phone that need a new home.  At Envy My Tee we do more than t-shirts! We a full custom print shop and we  want to allow you to become the artist.  Pick out your favorite photo, edit it any way you want. Instagram and photoshop effects work great.  Don't want to edit it?  That's fine as well. Just send over the print and we will send you a beautiful custom made wood print!

A few details about Envy My Tee's custom wood prints:

"Check out these ChromaLuxe Natural Wood Panels! Photographers LOVE the natural wood prints because their vibrancy and durability combine to provide the best photo on wood in the market. These wood prints are comprised of a maple veneer with a low gloss ChromaLuxe coating and have pre-drilled keyholes on the back so that they are ready to hang out of the box!"

Our photo panels come in 4 sizes:
8x8- $35
8x10- $45
10x10- $50
11x14- $85

  • Maple veneer
  • One-sided 
  • Low gloss
  • Pre-drilled key holes
  • 0.625" thick

  • These are great options for the school photos of children, weddings and special events.  Show off your photo's by adding them to our wood prints today.

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    Saturday, August 22, 2015

    How to Use Envy My Tee's Clip Art For Custom T-shirts

    Hey Guys!

    This will be quick.  We have added two new videos to our youtube channel ( Click Here)

    The first video is how to use our clip art to make custom t-shirts.  It's a very quick video to show you the steps in which using our print ready clip art can help you make the best printed t-shirt!

    Link Here- Using Clip Art

    The second video of the day is how to use our Quick Quote System.  Lot's of times people will ask us how much we charge for our custom t-shirts.  We always direct them to our quick quote link (Here) so they will see exactly what they are paying.  It automatically shows the amount of savings, as well as allows you to receive a custom quote even when you do not have artwork yet!

    Link Here-  Using Quick Quote System 

    As always we strive to become your premier custom t-shirt printer in Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas. We use the best in printing technology to allow our customers to receive the best product we can give.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    +Jessica Davenport

    Wednesday, August 19, 2015

    Benefits Of Online Team Stores

    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to make a quick post about the benefits of opening an online t-shirt store with Envy My Tee Custom T-shirts and Apparel.  Many groups and organization rely on custom printed t-shrits to help drive sales for the money they need.  In many cases organizations don't know where to start.  We have decided to make the solution very easy for you.  Here are a few bullet points to consider when dealing with custom t-shirt fundraisers.

    Benefits of Envy My Tee Online Team, School, Spirt wear, & Fan Stores:
    • No clunky paper order forms
    • No more spreadsheets, inaccuracies, and accounting nightmares 
    • Speed cash flow and money collection with online payments
    • Convenient for players, coaches, and parents 
    • Increase sales performance with social media sharing tools
    • Set fundraising goals to increase participation 
    • Enforce ordering period with date countdowns 
    • Easy set up, quick launch
    • Major competitive advantage 

    As always we strive to become the best custom t-shirt print shop in Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas. Our services include Direct To Garment, Screen Printing, and Heat Transfer Vinyl.  If you have any questions on our process please don't hesitate to contact us. Sign up for our newsletter for tips and saving and also  follow our social channels!

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    How To Make A Custom T-shirt At Home

    Envy My Tee Flyer
    Company Info for Envy My Tee

    Starting your own custom print shop does not have to involve you buying a big fancy building to start.  In most cases you can make your own custom printed t-shirts at home.  If you have a spare room or garage in your home, you have space to start making money.

    Welcome to the world of digital printing! With the advancement in technology all around us, why haven't people talked about the advancements in printing t-shirts?  There are so many great ways to make a t-shirt and we are going to share a couple options.

    First we will start with our favorite process...Direct To Garment!  When we started we knew we wanted to serve the market of those that wanted to make one custom tee, to the ones that wanted hundreds.  Direct to garment was the answer to our business.  As you have seen in some of our social media videos ( Facebook  Instagram ) our DTG machine makes printing a breeze.

    Sublimation- Another digital printing process that is used as it takes your image from your computer and prints it on a 'transfer paper".  With high quality artwork the results are amazing and the possibility of printing on garments and hard substrates is endless.

    Like we stated earlier there are so many ways to make a t-shirt and start making money.  We love our model of "custom t shirt with no minimums" as we open ourselves up to new markets that lead to bigger jobs!

    At Envy My Tee Custom T-shirts and Apparel our motto is to upgrade the way you buy custom t-shirts.  We have our design lab with 1000's of fonts and clip art images to help your create your perfect t-shirt.   We are all about connivence.  Today's customers want to know what they are buying, what prices they are paying, and be involved in the creative process!  We allow all that and more.  We strive to become Columbus Ohio's premier custom t-shirt shop and with your continued support we can make that happen.  Although we are located in Central Ohio we ship nationwide!

    As always you are highly encouraged to follow our social networks!  We love offering great tips, new products and samples for your viewing pleasure.

    +Jessica Davenport

    Monday, August 17, 2015

    How To Create Your Own Online T-shirt Store

    Sign up to create your own store now!

    Hey Guys, as some may know you can now start your own t-shirt store online thru Envy My Tee.  I should probably start off with he most important fact....its FREE.  There are no fees to sign up, or if you lose your mind and decide to stop you can do that too. It super easy to sign up.

    1. Scroll down to the bottom of the webpage at Envy My Tee
    2.  Click Create Your Online Store
    3.  Fill in the few easy sign up questions
    4.  Set up your store!

    We understand the many people want the chance at entrepreneurship, but some do not have the start up funds to do so.  We want to empower you to go after your dreams and we will be behind you every step of the way.  Once your designs are uploaded to the site, you do all the marketing to attract your customers to the site and we print, package and ship! You do not have to worry about buying equipment, stocking up on blanks or learning how to print.  All you need to do is sit back and collect a check!

      As we always say we strive to become your premier custom t-shirt print shop.  We print out custom t-shirts with the latest in custom t-shirt technology to ensure you and your customers will have the best quality t-shirt possible.  We also only print on quality blank products.  There is no need to worry that your t-shirt will crumble like paper after one wash.  Owning your own t-shirt shop is great for all ages. If your in middle school wanting to sell your designs to your friends at school  all the way to an adult wanting to earn some extra cash buy selling to members of a club they are apart of staring your own custom t-shirt shop is the way to go!

    Deciding on a t-shirt print shop in central Columbus could be a hard decision but let's sum up a few of Envy My Tee's advantages.

    1. No Minimums- Many of your local screen printers do not want to be bothered with making one t-shirt because of their "set up process." At Envy My Tee we do not have that issue. We use a process called Direct To Garment Printing which is perfect for any amount of t-shirts.

    2.  Full Color Printing-  Ever talk to a screen printer and they want to charge you by the color?  That can put a big damper on what design you use.  We don't have that issue. We print our custom t-shirt with no color restriction.  If you create artwork that has 15 colors in it you will pay the same price as if you had one. Again that is the beauty of Direct To Garment Printing.  If you can print it on paper, we can print it on your very own custom t-shirt

    3.  Free T-shrit Campaigns- We understand that customers want to use t-shirts as a fundraising tool, but do not want to buy a bunch of tees in which they might not sell.  At Envy My Tee Custom T-shirts and Apparel you can set up your own campaign for FREE and set up all the information in minutes. No upfront cost and no overpaying.

    4.  Instant pricing. You will not get a general chart that has a pricing guide with an note saying pricing may change at anytime.  When you visit Envy My Tee you will see exactly what you are paying right then.  No guessing!  You pick you style of garment, add/create your artwork, chose the number of garments you want and you check out. Super easy.  Not sure what design you want, but know how many you need?  Not a problem, all of our prices include printing so check out the Quick Quote and add the information you have and bam, instant prices!

    Those are just a few of the advantages we have at Envy My Tee.  We are not your normal Columbus "Screen Printers" as we have upgraded the way custom t-shirt are being bought and printed.  Have we re-invented the wheel? No not at all, but we have made the process a lot easier for the first time buyer of custom printed t-shrits all the way to the most experienced.  We wanted to create a system that mimics the way we like to shop.  We want an easy to follow system to help stream line the checkout process.  We offer a Design Lab to help those who do not have a graphics programs to make their own t-shirt.  In the Design Lab we have 1000's of "Print Ready" ( That's an important word!) artwork and fonts that are available to use and most of all FREE!

    If you have any questions on how we may be able to help you please don't hesitate to contact us!  We strive to be the best custom print shop in the Central Ohio area, and want to do our best to help customers get great printed garments.  Our whole focus is on empowering our customers to create the best artwork and let us bring it to life thru print.

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    +Jessica Davenport

    Tuesday, August 4, 2015

    Online Fundraising Stores in Columbus Ohio
    Envy My Tee Online Fundraisers!

    Hey guys!
    We are at it again with another great feature to help you get the best custom printed t-shirts!  We want to introduce our FREE online campaign stores!  That's right FREE.  It's super simple, easy to set up  and you can  start earning your event and/or cause money!

    First you visit the "Create Campaign" link (Here) and read the short little introduction about campaigns.  Next you will see the link that takes you to to create campaign wizard.  It's just like creating a custom t-shirt. You chose your blank item, you upload your design(Or use our online designer to create one) and fill in the information about your fundraiser! Add a banner if you would like then your ready to go!  Next let everyone you know know  about what you are doing, and let the orders start rolling in.  That's it!  You can be up are running in as little at 10 minutes.

    At Envy My Tee we try to make the custom t-shirt buying process as easy as possible!  We put everything right at your finger tips to let you make an informed decision.  Fundraising is a great way to help you raise money for your cause, and we all know t-shirts are the best way to do it. No more are the days and hassle of keeping up with everyone who has paid, no more extra paperwork and no more distributing t-shirts to everyone.  I think that just made your job a little easier right?  We thought so. :)

    As always we use the best in printing technology and quality t-shirts.  Rest assured your t-shirts from us won't crumble up like paper after one wash and our full color printing is unmatched!  Create your custom fundraising t-shirt  campaigns with confidence knowing that Envy My Tee has your back!  Any questions please contact us at or by phone 614-352-6821

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