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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Create Custom Trucker Hats at Envy My Tee!

Custom Trucker Hats at Envy My Tee
Trucker Hats Available at Envy My Tee

Not only have we added more styles to our t-shirt group but we also have added custom hats!  You can have the front white area as your own personal canvas!  As always we offer full color printing on all of our garments!
Custom Trucker Hat's are great for groups, but also great for individuals as it's an extension of personal style.  Add your favorite saying, business logo or favorite graphic!  Just like our custom t-shirts, all you have to do is  visit the website (Envy My Tee) go to blank products, click head wear  and chose your favorite color of trucker hats! Search thru our huge selection of professional, print ready clip arts and the huge selection of fonts!  Already have some artwork or a logo? Even better. Just upload your artwork, place it on the hat where you want it and check out! Done in 60 seconds! Envy My Tee will handle the rest.

We always want to make it easy for our customers.  We select the best t-shirt and hat brands to print on so you will always get a quality t-shirt.  We use the best in printing technology so we can  offer you the best quality print! The better quality the artwork, the better the print!!!!

As always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us and let us help.  If you need a quick quote please visit (HERE) Simply select the style of garment you want and the quantity and you will be given an instant quote. (Print included)

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Sport's Mom's T-shirts available at Envy My Tee Custom T-shirts and Apparel.

Soccer Mom T-shirt at Envy My Tee Custom T-shirts and Apparel
Soccer Mom T-shirt at Envy My Tee

Parent's love to represent their kid's in any way possible and doing so at their games are the best way to go!  While on the road, or home games its great for your kids support team (meaning you) to look united just like they do on game day!  Why not grab all the mom's and have on your custom t-shirts and form your own cheer section! Sport's moms t-shirts can be personalized with names or numbers on the back to make them personalized just for you.

At Envy My Tee we offer a variety of sports and the list is still growing. If you are a basketball mom, baseball mom, soccer mom or gymnastics mom we have you covered.  (More coming soon!) As always you can change the color of the t-shirt and the style.  Most t-shirts go up to a size 6xl.

To see more of what we have to offer in our custom sport's mom t-shirts please visit the link below
Sport's Mom T-shirts at Envy My Tee

As always please refer us to a friend and help spread the word about Envy My Tee Custom T-shirts and Apparel!  We offer full color printing with no minimums or set up fees!  We don't charge by the color, so start designing!  You can upload your own custom graphics, use  our customizable templates or use our design lab that offers 1000's of high quality print ready clipart images and fonts all organized in an easy to use way!  It's time you upgrade the way you buy custom t-shirts and Envy My Tee is here to help!

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Another write up on Envy My Tee!

Hey Guys, 
Here is another write up on Envy My Tee from the good people over at Tee Hunter!

I know there are a lot of t-shirt printing companies in the USA, but I’d like to present you guys one of the newest and most promising custom tee printing company – Envy My Tee.
Envy My Tee, was launched at the beginning of this year by Jessica Davenport in her hometown Columbus, Ohio. Jessica, who is a former College Basketball All American and WNBA Champion decided to launch her own custom printing company and offer high quality products, great prices, and unmatched service to customers large and small.
CoverphotoOrdering custom t-shirts for an organization or team? Putting together a personal design? Custom t-shirts are what Envy My Tee does best. Choose from a wide variety of colors, sizes and brands, including Gildan and Beefy T. After you select a tee just use their Custom Design Tool to create your very own custom gear. You can either use one of their designs, fonts and cool effects ( there’s over 1000 options to choose from) or you can upload from very own artwork to create something truly unique.
The best part about Envy My Tee is that you don’t need a minimum order. It doesn’t matter if you need 1 custom tee for yourself or 100 tees for all your employees, the fine folks at Envy My Tee will print them using the latest DTG and Sublimation technology and ship them to your door via USPS! All prices are instant so you won’t need to lose time waiting for quotes.
Try them out once and you’ll love Envy My Tee’s work and it’ll become one of your favorite shops in Columbus Ohio as well as your specialist of custom printing needs! Also make sure to check out their social media and the links below!
TeeHunter approves this!
Pretty awesome huh? Here is the link to see it in all its full glory and I will also include the link to our brand page that is also featured on their website.
 Brand Page for Envy My Tee

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+Jessica Davenport

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Why Some Custom T-shirt Websites Suck!

I'm sure you have gone on Google and looked up a company that would allow you to buy custom t-shirts and, I'm sure found a few of the following:

  • Outdated- Doesn't seem like anyone has been to the website since the 90s
  • To much selection- Why would they make you scroll thru 20 blank t-shirts that all look the same?
  • To much text- who wants to read about different types of blank t-shirts
  • No pricing info- Your ready to buy at 11pm, but the shop closed at 5
  • No designs to try out- I'd like to see what I'm buying now, and not have to wait for the shop to get back with me and hope they understood what I really wanted.
I could go on, but you get the point!  At Envy My Tee we try to take the guess work out of buying custom t-shirts. We make it simple so that even the most novice custom t-shirt buyer can follow and understand our process.

  We have access to the top brands of blank t-shirts, but we chose to pick a few brands in different styles  and let our customers chose from there.  Of course if you have a favorite brand contact us and let us know that's what you want!  We provide instant prices because people want to know instantly what they will be paying.  You took the time to find Envy My Tee and we wouldn't want to make you wait any longer to get all the information you need.  At Envy My Tee you don't have to be a  graphic designer to create your own photo either!  We provide 1000's of clip art and font's that are neatly organized to help you get going.  

A big advantage we offer over our competition is No Minimums. Buy one or 1000 we can handle it.  We do not charge by the color. Full Color prints are what the people want and its what they will get!  You shouldn't have to worry about adding or deleting colors in your design to save money.  Also no setup fees.  All you need to worry about is how many t-shirts you need and sizes. We will take your print and do what we do!

It's time the way we buy custom t-shirts gets upgraded and we are hear to help.  We are a custom print shop located in Columbus Ohio but ship thru out the United States.  Give us a try and refer us to a friend!  As always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

School is around the corner! Start Creating your custom t-shirts at Envy My Tee

We hate to think it but summer vacation is winding down and some are getting ready for school. With that new opportunities to join new sports teams, clubs and maybe even a new school. We all want to look good on the first few days of school so why not start creating your own custom t-shirts?

If you feel mom is going to drag you around every store in the mall and you don't want that head over to the design lab and start creating.  You can choose exactly the style of t-shirt AND add your own special design.  Want to add a pair of custom socks to the list?  No problem!! Just upload your favorite design or add some clip art or fonts to our template.

One of the things we love about our designer tool is that you can search for whatever your heart desires.  Want to have hearts on your t-shirt? Skulls, Or maybe a cool car? No problem! Just hit search and bam, lots of options to choose from.

Maybe you want all your closest BFF's to be unified and wear the same thing. The possibilities are endless when you shop for custom t-shirts at Envy My Tee.  We have NO MINIMUMS and NO SET UP FEES.  If you just want one, perfect! If you want 50 even better.  We are moving the game of buying custom t-shirts up from the dinosaur ages and making it easy for everyone.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us at

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