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Monday, June 22, 2015

Sports Motivation T-shirts For Your Team

Sports Motivation T-shirts at Envy My Tee champions expect pain t-shirt
Champions Expect Pain T-shirt  Zero days off t-shirt
Zero Days Off T-shirt

Sports motivation t-shirts are great to wear on game day to show unity amongst the team.  No matter the level high school thru professional, teams are always looking for ways to show team pride, and what better way to do that than thru a custom sports motivation t-shirt.  Like all of our tees they are fully customizable.  You can even add your name and numbers on the back with our free easy to use customizable tool.

Also available at Envy My Tee and a great add on are custom socks.  We use a process called sublimation that allows us to print full color designs on socks.  Like our DTG (Direct to Garment) process full color designs are no issue.  Printing one or 1000, each product is fully customized to your liking. 

Click (HERE) to see our growing collection of sports motivation t-shirts.  If you have never been to our website all products are customizable.  Change the style of t-shirt, color and text colors.  You can even add designs from our large database of clip art and numerous styles of fonts.  Want to add a Facebook or Instagram photo to your tee? No problem simply upload the picture and let us do the rest.  

Being a former professional athlete there is a mutual understanding of how custom t-shirts play a roll in team pride.  Let Envy My Tee help you with your printing needs!

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Custom Couples T-shirts Available at Envy My Tee

                                             Couple's Tees at Envy My Tee Custom T-shirts and Apparel couples t-shirt I love me some him
Love Me Some Him T-shirt I love me some her t-shirt
Love Me Some Her T-shirt

Hey guys,
So we are adding to our library of pre-made designs that can be customized.  To keep things organized we will have them sectioned off in groups so that it is easy for you guys to find.  If you haven't been to the website yet (click here) you can read a short description of who were are.  Also there is a fun quick video (click here) that is well...pretty self explanatory!

Featured today is our line of couples t-shirts.  Couples tees are great to wear when your out with that special someone, and the best thing yet is that you can customize it to fit your style.  It doesn't have to be Valentines Day to wear these either.    Change the colors for your custom t-shirt,  or add your names to the back.  You can be as creative as you want. We love the couple's t-shirt designs "as is" but with everything on our site, its about the customer.  That is why we want to make every part of your shopping experience customizable.  That ensures you get exactly what you asked for!

You can see our growing list of couples tees (HERE)  Don't forget you can change the style of t-shirt, the color and also add and change font colors.  It's totally up to you. We now have sizes up to 6xl so there is a size and a color for just about everyone!  Our free online designer tools allows for you to chose from the 1000's of designs we have, or lets you upload your own photos.  Want to add you Facebook or Instagram photos to a tee? You can! Just upload the photo, you can add a boarder from the design tool, and bam a custom printed t-shirt just for you!

As always if there are any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at

Again our link to our couples tee's are (HERE)

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+Jessica Davenport

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What to know before ordering custom t-shirts

Are you in the hunt for custom t-shirts but don't know where to start?  Don't worry Envy My Tee is here to help!  Here a 3 things to know before you contact your local printer....or even better us!

  • Know how many t-shirts you want.  This can narrow down who you will contact.  Most screen printers will have a minimum number of t-shirts of the same design that need to be printed before they will start.  If you only need a few try looking for companies that offer DTG printing. (Direct to Garment) We offer DTG printing and have that capability of making one or 1000!  With direct to garment printing there are no minimums and full color print is the main purpose.  I tell my customers if you can print it on paper I can print it on your t-shirt.

  • Know what kind of t-shirt you want.  There are so many types of t-shirts out there it helps a lot if you know what you are looking for.  Are you looking for 100% cotton, the soft tri-blend tees, maybe a 50/50 tee.  Are you wanting these custom t-shirts for a one time event?  Tell your printer, and a cheaper t-shirt can be printed.  Are you looking for an every day work shirt?  A heavy cotton t-shirt can work best.  How about a  custom fashion t-shirt? There are lots of options and my main point is to communicate with your printer how you intend to use the custom t-shirt and your printer will know best.

  • Know what you want on your custom printed t-shirt.  It is extremely hard for a printer to print the thoughts in your head onto a t-shirt.   If you have an idea, tell your printer as much as possible to help them create the perfect t-shirt for you.  I can assure you if you do not have custom artwork already prepared, but you do have a well thought out explanation into what you want you will have a happy printer.  On our website you can create your own! It saves time and money as in most cases you will be charged a fee for the company to create artwork for you.  You also get your t-shirt faster when you create on our site. No more back and forth, create, pay and it will go into production. 
An extra tip:
If you have art work make sure it is print ready.  What does that mean?  It means that the artwork you supplied is the exact size that you would like your graphic printed on a t-shirt.  Every printer is different, but vector form is awesome.  A vector image can be printed at any size and not lose any quality.  Also .png files (with a transparent background) are great for DTG.

If you can have these things ready it will make for a smooth experience for both parties.

Here's a short video on how Envy My Tee works (Click Here)

At Envy My Tee we take pride in educating our customers so they understand the process in making custom apparel.   If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

+Jessica Davenport 

Monday, June 15, 2015

What's New On our Website?

The finishing touches of our new website are being put on as we speak and will be available to you guys within a couple days!  With our new site you can now use our  free online designer tool that has 1000's of clip art and lots of different text fonts! We pretty excited about it as we can now let our customers have the power of creating custom t-shirts right at their finger tips.  Chose your product color, the artwork and the sizes and you instantly get your price. No more back and forth waiting for prices to get sent to you.  This includes bulk orders!

Also our Direct to Garment service is in full swing. Full color prints and no minimums.  If you want one or 100 we can handle it. If you have checked out our Facebook and Instagram pages  you have seen some of our work using the DTG printer. Along with our Sublimation printing that we use for our custom socks, the possibilities are endless in what you can create.

I forgot to mention. In addition to our custom t-shirts we now how a template and space for you to create your custom socks.  Custom socks are great for expressing your personality as well as a great accessory for your custom t-shirts!  Simple upload your designs and let us do the rest!  We have two options. Create your designs and only decorate the crew (top) side of your custom socks or use our second option and have a full color design. The choice is up to you, just like everything on our site.

We want to become your favorite Columbus Ohio custom printer as well as those across the county.  Envy My Tee will continue to add products and services to our lineup to help ensure your custom printing needs are taken care of!

Here are two prints we made. A vintage Amy Winehouse poster we found online (Not for sale, just for print testing) and a promo tee we made for Envy My Tee.

Amy Winehouse t-shirt
Vintage Amy Print Test

Custom DTG Printed T-shirts
Envy My Tee Promo Tee

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Direct To Garment Printing Coming Soon!

Direct to garment printing, also know as DTG will be coming to Envy My Tee reaaaalllly soon!  What is direct to garment printing you ask?  Direct to garment printing is an amazing custom printing machine that prints ink directly on garments.  No messy screen printing setup, full vibrant color and the best thing yet, NO MINIMUMS!!! By one or 100 without the worry of set up fees!  At Envy My Tee we want to use the best custom printing technology to provide the best t-shirts and apparel for you.
At Envy My Tee we want to become one of the top Columbus custom printing companies, and also sell awesome graphic tees. T-shirts are  a staple in fashion, and lets face it, you can't go shirtless everywhere :) so having a t-shirt with something that represents you and your style is a must.  Our selection of graphic t-shirts are  mostly made up of funny quote tees, but if you are into something else, why not have it custom made?  Produce some artwork, or have someone do it for you and send it over. With our variety of decoration process the possibilities are endless.  Direct to garment printing will become our most utilized decoration process, but we will still offer screen printing and heat transfer vinyl.  Variety is a must in this industry. 
If you have any questions about how we can help you , please don't hesitate to contact us at  We have some big changes coming in the next month and we can't wait for you to see them.  We believe these changes will help us become the best custom printing company in the Columbus Ohio area, and will help pump out custom t-shirts to you and your groups even faster. 
Jessica Davenport

Newspaper Write Up About Envy My Tee!

A big thank you goes out to Columbus CEO for the short write up about Envy My Tee. Recently I was one of many vendors who participated in the Moonlight Market which is a great local event in the Columbus area.
Here the link to the article
Also here is the copied text from the Columbus CEO website!
CEO Live
Posted by Kitty McConnell on May 8, 2015

Columbus merchants will converge on Gay Street tomorrow night from 6-11 p.m. for the Moonlight Market. Every second Saturday through October, the Gay Street Collaborative small business association hosts the fundraiser festival and open-air bazaar. Telhio Credit Union sponsors the event.

Jessica Davenport, owner of south-Columbus screenprinter Envy My Tees, will be among the merchants showcasing her wares. The Moonlight Market is a great way to build brand awareness while working in a dynamic environment alongside other Columbus entrepreneurs, says Davenport. 

"It's great, being a new merchant, because people can get to know the person behind the business. I get to interact with everyone who comes to my booth," says Davenport. "That’s one of the best feelings--when people stop and inquire about something you put a lot of work into."
-Jessica Davenport

Custom T-shirts For Groups

Every day many groups are looking for ways to promote what they are about. If you are  a small business or organization, custom t-shirts are a fun way to bring unity. At Envy My Tee we want to make the t-shirt design process easy for you. We only print "print ready artwork" which allows us to provide fast turnarounds! What does "print ready artwork" mean?

In order for us make your printed t-shirts your artwork needs to be in a vector format. Vector files allow for your images to be blown up to any size without losing any quality. If you send us a raster file, make sure your artwork is in the correct size you want it printed on your custom t-shirt that is made to order!  That mean's do not take an image you found online and have us print it. We WILL NOT print any copyrighted images!!!
We take pride in our work and want to make sure you have a simple, easy to use system for your custom t-shirts. You have a lot of ofter things to worry about  than going back and forth with your screen printer. At Envy My Tee Custom T-shirts and Apparel we want to automate the process for you, so you can get your printed t-shirts fast!
We hope that we you need custom t-shirts for your group you think of Envy My Tee! All our made to order t-shirts are printed with the best equipment and ready for you to wear.
-Jessica Davenport